About Mary

Mary Ogundimu, is a multiple award-winning speaker, trainer and coach who specializes in using storytelling and deep contents to reconstruct and correct everyday narratives and life experiences. She is a self-conscientious lady passionate about women development and enhancement.

She is the founder of the MultiWoman Network, a youth led organisation that empowers women and the girl child with basic skill sets for maximizing their potentials and becoming global citizens. Every year, she convenes the MultiWoman Conference, a signature event that brings women from all works of life to tell their stories, share and proffer solutions to issues of economic empowerment and grassroot development for women. She is a member of the Global Social- Economic and Financial Evolution Network.

In August 2020, Mary was re-appointed the President of the Young African Women Congress, Nigerian Chapter after serving faithfully in the last two years. In the same year, she became a Google Womenwill Co-Lead for Yaba, Lagos.

Noteworthy to also mention that Mary is a premium event host, who brings her expertise in people management, interpersonal relationship and humour to create unforgettable memories for her clients. Mary started her career as an On-Air- Personality in Unilag FM, presenting on a radio magazine show called Onstage and also co-hosting the weekly series of interviews on The Ambassadors Radio Show with outstanding entrepreneurs, using their stories to inspire over 5000 youths in Lagos.

She is an Alumni of the SMILE social Innovators program, an Alumni of the Nirmala Chellarams Accelerator Program, a YALI fellow and Alumni, where she served as the Events and Networking Chair for YALI RLC Alumni, Nigeria, 2020/2021

Mary currently serves as the programs manager for OAR & D ( a research and development firm, helping to build a productive and prosperous Africa and project manager at Otaso, a digital agency.
She has been featured in several media houses including TVC Africa, Superscreen TV, Star FM and Unilag FM, among others.
She is the author of “Suffering and Smiling (A Tale of a Lagos Bank Worker)”
Other books written by her: She is the author of STRETCH, (a book on self-development), The Clarity Handbook and Productivity Extra.

My Legacy

To build a community where every woman matter.

I long for a time, when in history, there is nothing such as “fight” for gender equality, because everyone will understand that both male and female have potentials and capacities to be everything and anything.

A time when there is nothing such as gender violence because everyone understands what it means to respect the other and treat the other as human, not necessarily as male or female.

A time when everyone is free to become and we look forward to each other’s success because we understand that in life’s race, there is no competition, everyone has their space and should be in charge of that.

My newest program

Suffering & Smiling

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One on One Coaching Sessions

I provide a personalized life coaching experience.

My education as PhD of Psychiatry enables me to find the most appropriate approach for every individuality and given problem.

Awards and recognitions:

  • Best mentee of the True Kolours Mentor-Me Challenge in 2017
  • The Emerging Leaders Award from Amborion Global Media, 2018
  • Launched the MultiWoman Mentorship Academy, April 2019
  • (See her works with the Mulltiwoman Network here)
  • In 2019, she got the Achievers Award courtesy of Fatsplash Leadership and Empowerment/ Deeper Life High Sch. Trained by The British Council on New Media2019 Southwest YALI Award of Appreciation, 2019 PFN Speakers Award, 2019

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